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Our Annual Veterans Day Celebration event, November 10th every year

With our heating and air conditioning company and my wife, Toni Jean Munoz, who is a Realtor for Keller Williams Yorba Linda, CA we began hosting our annual Veterans Day celebration event, November 10, 2021.  Our veterans. Our military is very important to us both.  It is an evening of camaraderie amongst all our veterans and guests.  Our veterans share stories, exchange phone numbers with other veterans. This is the very reason we do this.  To WELCOME HOME all our veterans.   We have Honor guest and Special guest speakers in attendance.  We also have a Huey Helicopter from the Vietnam War era, brought in from Vietnam Veterans of American Chapter 1024.  ALL FOR FREE TO OUR VETERANS AND ALL GUESTS

2021 Veterans Day Celebration Event Nov 10, 2021

Our first year in 2021, we had 30 guests including 9 veterans in attendance and 29 veterans displayed in 5 x 7 frames to honor each of them and those that joined us that evening.  We begin with our POW/MIA ceremonial remembrance, we display our POW/MIA Table, the script is read aloud to memorialize this table.  The significance of the POW/MIA table is called to attention during the toast of the evening.   This is an important part of our event.  Our event doesn’t begin until we do our POW/MIA ceremonial remembrance.   We then have all our Veterans in attendance or family members who are there on behalf of their veteran loved ones, and they talk.  Each veteran or family member introduces themselves with their branch, rank, years served and where served.  They share a little bit of themselves with us.  Since we’ve begun hosting our Veterans Day celebration event, our guest and Veterans is now at 100 people in attendance.

2022 Veterans Day Celebration Event

In 2022, we honored 100 veterans displayed in RED, WHITE, and BLUE 5 X 7 Frames.  We had approximately 25 veterans in attendance and that is not counting family members who were in attendance on behalf of their veteran loved ones.  We celebrate our veterans with dinner, drinks, desserts, and raffle giveaways.   And because it falls every year on November 10th, we also celebrate USMC Birthday.

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