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Annual Veterans Day Event:

Our Annual Veterans Day Celebration Event, November 10th Every Year
In partnership with our heating and air conditioning business, and under the passionate leadership of my wife, Toni Jean Munoz, a Realtor for Keller Williams in Yorba Linda, CA, we are privileged to conduct our Annual Veterans Day Celebration Event every November 10th in the city of Yorba Linda. Initiated on November 10, 2021, this heartfelt tradition is our way of expressing profound respect and gratitude towards veterans and military personnel, who constitute an essential part of our community and nation.

Our event begins with the solemn POW/MIA ceremonial table setting, a respectful act involving the participation of all attendees. Each guest is provided with a handout explaining the significance of the POW/MIA table setting. This ceremony acts as a powerful reminder of the sacrifices made by those who served and did not return. The ceremonial table symbolizes the memory and sacrifices of missing servicemen and women, ensuring they remain central to our celebration.
The evening is devoted to fostering camaraderie, reflection, and gratitude among veterans and guests. It offers a platform for veterans to share their stories, build connections, and exchange information, creating a strong sense of community and support. Our primary goal is to extend a heartfelt "Welcome Home" to all veterans, acknowledging their sacrifices and steadfast bravery.

We are thrilled to feature entertainment from "The Swing Dolls," whose captivating performances of 1940s music add a layer of nostalgia and joy to the event, ensuring a memorable experience for all participants.

We warmly welcome Honor guests and Special guest speakers, who contribute significant depth and insight through their experiences and reflections. Additionally, we are proud to showcase a Huey Helicopter from the Vietnam War era, provided by the Vietnam Veterans of America Chapter 1024, as a tribute to our military's courage and commitment.

A special highlight of our event is the celebration of the USMC birthday with a traditional cake-cutting ceremony, aligning with our celebration date. This act acknowledges the enduring spirit and history of the Marine Corps.

Each year, we conclude our event with a magnificent Hawaiian rendition of "God Bless America," a beautiful conclusion that leaves a profound impression on all attendees. This unique performance serves as a heartfelt reminder of our nation's unity and diversity, ending the evening on a note of uplifted spirits and patriotic pride.

The success of our event heavily relies on the steadfast support and dedication of community volunteers, donors, and sponsors. We continually seek individuals and organizations willing to offer their time, resources, and support to enhance the impact of our event. Your participation ensures the ongoing success of our celebration and enables us to provide this meaningful event free of charge to our veterans as a token of our deep appreciation.

We invite all veterans, guests, potential volunteers, donors, and sponsors to join us in this significant celebration. Together, we can honor our heroes, create lasting memories, and foster a supportive community grounded in our collective respect for those who have served.

Our Inaugural Veterans Day Celebration Event, November 10, 2021

Our Inaugural Veterans Day Celebration Event, November 10, 2021

Our inaugural Veterans Day Celebration Event held on November 10, 2021, was a significant occasion for us. As the founders of this event, we, along with our heating and air conditioning company and my wife, Toni Jean Munoz of Keller Williams in Yorba Linda, CA, were honored to welcome 30 guests, including 9 distinguished veterans. To pay tribute to these heroes, we displayed 29 veterans' photos in 5 x 7 frames, celebrating their service and the service of those present that evening.

The event commenced with a solemn POW/MIA ceremonial remembrance, an essential and meaningful part of our celebration. We displayed the POW/MIA Table, while the script was read aloud to memorialize and recognize the significance of this table, especially during the toast that highlights the event's reverence. This ceremony sets the tone for our gathering, underlining our deep respect for those who have served and those who were unable to join us.
Following the POW/MIA remembrance, we invited our attending veterans and the family members representing their veteran loved ones to speak. Each shared their branch, rank, years served, and where they were stationed, offering a personal glimpse into their experiences and sacrifices. This sharing session fosters a sense of community and personal connection among attendees, enriching the event with stories of courage, duty, and service.

Additionally, as our event coincides with the United States Marine Corps (USMC) birthday on November 10th, we integrate the celebration of the USMC's founding. This includes the traditional Marine Corps cake-cutting ceremony, an emblematic and cherished ritual that symbolizes the continuity and brotherhood of the Corps. The ceremony involves passing a piece of cake from the oldest to the youngest Marine present, representing the transfer of wisdom, knowledge, and traditions from generation to generation.

Since the inception of our Veterans Day celebration, we have seen a remarkable increase in attendance and interest, with our guest list now reaching 100 people. This growth reflects our community's appreciation and support for our veterans and underscores the importance of our annual event. We are committed to continuing this tradition, honoring our veterans, and providing a space for remembrance, gratitude, and fellowship.

2022 Veterans Day Celebration Event Recap

In 2022, our Veterans Day Celebration was a heartfelt tribute to the valor and dedication of those who have served our country. We showcased the service and commitment of 100 veterans by displaying their photographs in patriotic RED, WHITE, and BLUE 5 x 7 frames, symbolizing our nation's gratitude and respect for their sacrifices.
The event was well-attended, with approximately 25 veterans gracing us with their presence. This number was beautifully complemented by family members who attended in honor of their loved ones, creating a warm and inclusive environment for all. The community's spirit was palpable, as we gathered to celebrate and remember the brave men and women who have served our nation.

A memorable feature of the evening was the roll call, an emotional and affirming segment where veterans or their representative family members stood to share their names, ranks, branches, years of service, and personal stories of their time in the armed forces. This segment allowed for a personal connection among attendees, as they shared in the diverse and rich histories of each individual's service.

Guests enjoyed a well-arranged dinner, with drinks and desserts provided, fostering a sense of camaraderie and fellowship among all who attended. The event was further enlivened by raffle giveaways and the unique opportunity for photo sessions with a Huey helicopter, adding historical significance and a touch of excitement to the celebration.

However, this event's success was not solely due to the planning and execution by our team; it was made possible by the unwavering dedication and generosity of numerous individuals, sponsors, and donors. Their contributions and support were instrumental in bringing this event to life, ensuring that our veterans felt honored, celebrated, and remembered. Their commitment reflects the community's collective respect and gratitude towards our service members.

The 2022 Veterans Day Celebration Event was a significant occasion that allowed us to reflect, honor, and celebrate the extraordinary lives and sacrifices of our veterans. It was a day filled with gratitude, respect, and shared memories, leaving a lasting impact on all who participated. We extend our deepest thanks to everyone who contributed to the event's success, reminding us of the power of unity and collective appreciation for our veterans.

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2023 Veterans Day Celebration Event Recap

Our 2023 Veterans Day Celebration, held on November 10th, was an extraordinary event, marked by a surprising turnout that escalated from an expected 100 guests to a remarkable 200. Adding a prestigious touch to our gathering, we were graced by an unexpected visit from Gene Hernandez, the Mayor of Yorba Linda. This year, we were particularly touched by the return of familiar guests and veterans, whose ongoing involvement has become a fundamental part of this annual event. Their unwavering support and participation continue to cultivate a precious sense of continuity and community.

The evening initiated with a heartfelt meet and greet, offering an opportunity for old friends to reunite and new ones to connect. The ceremonial portion of the evening started with a solemn POW/MIA remembrance, made all the more stirring by a touching live performance of "Taps" by a representative from Bugles Across America. This emotional tribute, along with the Pledge of Allegiance and the singing of the National Anthem, instilled a profound moment of unity and patriotism among all present.

The event has grown significantly over the years, as evidenced by the increase in veteran picture displays from 30 at our first event to nearly 200 this year. These displays have evolved into a poignant element of the celebration, providing attendees the chance to contemplate the diverse individuals who have served our country.

Our event's success is also due in large part to the extraordinary generosity of numerous individuals and local businesses. Their commitment to volunteering and sponsoring has been critical to the realization and impact of this celebration. We extend our deepest gratitude to these community members and organizations for their invaluable contributions.

The evening was not only about solemn tributes; it also featured delightful dining, desserts, and an array of drinks, all against the scenic backdrop of military vehicles. This setting served as a poignant reminder of the service and sacrifice we were there to honor. Entertainment provided by “The Swing Dolls” further enriched the experience, offering vibrant performances that were enjoyed by all.

We concluded our event with a stunning Hawaiian rendition of "God Bless America," a beautiful finale that left a lasting impression on everyone there. This unique performance was a heartfelt reminder of our nation's unity and diversity, wrapping up the evening on a note of uplifted spirits and patriotic pride.

As we reflect on the success of our 2023 Veterans Day event, we are filled with gratitude not only for the record attendance but also for the deep engagement and community spirit demonstrated by all who participated. With the ongoing support of our veterans, returning guests, community partners, sponsors, and volunteers, we look forward to future celebrations where we can continue to honor our heroes with an event that resonates with respect, gratitude, and communal pride.

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